About Us

About PIA Corporate Training

PIA is an all-inclusive training provider for Oil and Gas Regulatory Safety Training, CDL & Heavy Equipment Operating and numerous other industries. We’ve provided corporate training solutions to industry leaders, local businesses and branches of the US armed services for decades. Our goal is to offer a three-fold education experience for our clients, focusing on:

  • Safety – Providing knowledge of potential hazards and ensuring preventative measures are taken in order to keep the workplace safe and secure.
  • Productivity – Training clients to use their time and skills both optimally and critically in order to best benefit their employer.
  • Compliance – Ensuring a client has completed the necessary safety orientations and coursework to tackle important tasks.

Our Mission

  • Provide training solutions for a safer work environment
  • Offer courses taught by knowledgeable and professionally certified instructors
  • Tailor training opportunities to the client’s needs
  • Bring PIA’s Tradition of Excellence to the client’s workplace
  • Continue PIA’s heritage of superior training

Our Commitment to Your Success

PIA has refined its unique approach to learning for over 85 years to provide a nationally recognized technical and aviation-focused education. Our Corporate Training division offers a slew of both specialized and general coursework to satisfy the needs of almost any organization, and is a vital resource for taking the quality and efficiency of your staff to the next level. Our instructors bring years of professional and military experience to the classroom along with a commitment to their students’ success.

Meet Our Trainer

PIA Corporate Trainer Tim Venzin began his training career in the United States Marine Corp as a Non-Commissioned Officer. Venzin brought his military expertise to the classroom, training his fellow Marines in the finer points of urban combat training, heavy machine gun operation and various other essential combat skills.

Following his military career, Venzin earned Class A CDL license and began driving for Bethel Metal & Recycling. In late 2013 Venzin transitioned to PIA’s JumpStart program as a CDL Instructor. Venzin’s venerable instructional capabilities were further recognized and acknowledged, leading to a transition to a new position as PIA’s Corporate Trainer.

Venzin holds numerous training certifications, including but not limited to:

  • PEC
    • SafeGulf
    • SafeLandUSA
    • Basic Instructor
    • Basic Pipeline
    • Certified H2S(Hydrogen Sulfide) Instructor
    • Job Safety Analytics (JSA) Instructor
    • Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Instructor
  • First Aid, CPR & AED
  • DOT: Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • NSC Lift Truck Operation
  • NSC Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens