Altimeter Certification

Inside of Altimeter

Altimeter Re-certification Training

PIA offers re-certification training for repair station technicians who test and certify altimeters, encoders, static systems, and transponders in accordance with CFR 14, Parts 91.411 and 91.413.

Course Outline

The following courses are offered:

  • Complete course –  8 clock hours of classroom, shop, and hangar instruction, and qualifies as a refresher course in accordance with CFR 14, Part 65.193.
  • Re-certification course – 4 clock hours of shop and hangar instruction, and is suitable for those technicians seeking only re-certification under CFR 14, Part 145.163.

Technicians with operational pitot-static test equipment and altitude reporting test equipment may bring their equipment to the session but are responsible for bringing all necessary operating instructions for this equipment.

A properly equipped aircraft will be provided for training purposes. If time, weather and hangar space permit, technicians enrolled in this course may bring their own aircraft to the training session.