Forklift Training

Forklift Training

Comprehensive Forklift Training Opportunities

Developing skills with forklifts makes moving unwieldy objects around the worksite and warehouse a breeze. Bring your team to the next level in equipment handling with PIA’s Forklift Training course.

This course provides training for safe and efficient usage of both powered industrial and rough terrain forklifts. The course will focus on proper operating methods for both vehicles.

Course Outline

Powered Industrial Forklift Training

  • Operator training requirements
  • General safety rules
  • General requirements and regulations
  • Discerning plate information
  • Fuel handling
  • Changing & charging batteries
  • Forklift operations
  • Load handling
  • Fulcrum points
  • Fork spacing
  • Fork inspections/repairs

Rough Terrain Forklift Training

  • General Requirements and Regulations
  • Safe operation
  • Operating techniques
  • General safety rules
  • Control functions
  • Fuel handling and storage
  • Steering
  • Fulcrum point
  • Boom angle & rated capacity chart
  • Stability
  • Moving loads

Take a look at our brochure below for a more in-depth look at the course.